Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chrome DevTools REPL for ClojureScript source code is out.

After major refactoring and clean-up source code for the REPL extension is pushed to GitHub repository.

For UI rendering it uses reagent - a very simple ClojureScript interface to Facebook's react framework. Also, it heavily relies on core.async - it plays very well with asynchronous nature of Chrome DevTools API.

If you want to do some hacking with the code - simply run 'lein cljsbuild auto'  to get everything compiled. After that open extension/repl.html file in your browser - it should work as a usual web page as well, and evaluation will target the page itself.

Alternatively, you can add extension/ directory as "unpacked extension" from the chrome://extensions/ page. Don't forget to enable developer mode, with the check box in the upper right part.

If you want extension to work with local files (URLs starting with file://) - you should also enable "Allow access to file URLs option".

If you make any changes - don't forget to reload the extension (under chrome://extensions/) page and close and re-open Chrome DevTools.

Server side code will follow very soon.


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